Weighted Volume Under the Three-way Receiver Operating Characteristic Surface

报告题目:Weighted Volume Under the Three-way Receiver Operating Characteristic Surface

人:黄磊 士(西南交通大学)




In medical researches, three-way ROC analysis has been widely concerned. This paper generalizes the volume under the surface (VUS) of three-way ROC analysis to weighted volume under the surface (WVUS) by introducing a weight function into the integration formula. This generalization is far from trivial; it practically allows researchers to calculate the diagnostic accuracy of some tests while some high probabilities of correct classification for certain classes are ensured. Theoretically, the asymptotic properties of the corresponding nonparametric and parametric estimators of WVUS have been well derived in this paper, which could provide some statistical inferences when comparing different diagnostic accuracies. Substantial simulations have been conducted to show the usefulness of the proposed estimators and also to show the necessity of considering WVUS. The applicability and feasibility of the proposed method has also been verified by a real data analysis about liver cancer.


黄磊博士2015年毕业于新加坡国立大学,现任西南交通大学数学学院统计系助理教授,硕士生导师,主要研究方向有非参数、半参数时间序列模型,金融统计分析,医学生物统计。发表多篇SCI期刊文章,其中包括AOS, SMMR, CSDA和JSCS等。主持自然科学基金青年项目一项,参与面上项目、青年项目各一项,2017年度国家留学基金委访问学者,获西南交通大学“青苗计划”学者称号。