Periodic Structure and Horseshoe for quasi-periodic systems

报告题目: Periodic Structure and Horseshoe for quasi-periodic systems

报告人:  连增 教授

报告时间: 1119日(周六)    下午16:00

报告地点: 狮子山校区6教811


Smale Horseshoe is a classical model which is introduced by Smale in 1960's to describe the chaotic phenomena of certain dynamical systems. In 1980's, Katok has shown that for diffeomorphism on compact Riemannian manifolds nonuniformly hyperbolic system persists the existence of infinitely many periodic orbit and Smale horseshoe. However, all of the existing results are for autonomous systems. One natural question is: for non-autonomous systems, is there any special structure which can be viewed as analogue of periodic orbit or horseshoe? In the result I report in this talk, we have defined periodic structure and Smale horseshoe for non-autonomous (or random) systems, and also proved the existence of certain objects for a type of quasi-periodic hyperbolic systems. This work is joint with Wen Huang.


连增,男,四川大学教授,美国杨百翰大学博士,美国纽约大学库朗研究所博士后,2016年入选国家“青年千人计划”以及四川省“千人计划”。主要研究方向是无穷维动力系统的遍历理论。主要研究领域为无穷维动力系统的光滑遍历性和随机动力系统的遍历定理,目前主持有国家自然科学基金面上项目等科研项目,已在Journal of the American Mathematical Society,  Memoir of the American Mathematical Society 等国际一流期刊上发表论文多篇。